Since the arrival of numerous airlines, competition between them and possibility of modern air-travel with new features and services, the intercontinental travel has been increased thousand times since last few years. Due to this fastest way of traveling across the globe everyone wishes to explore the globe and fulfill their needs through air-travel by choosing any airline. Whenever you want to travel via airlines you always worry about basic things like airline rating, fairs, service, baggage policy and keen to acknowledge about them. Baggage policies of airline is one of important thing you should know before choosing it for travel. Baggage allowance and policies vary from airline to airlines and city to city. Many airlines provide generous baggage allowance and policies to their passengers Turkish Airlines is one of them. Information about Baggage allowance and policies of Turkish Airlines is provided here.

Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance

here you can find the contact details of turkish airlines offices like phonne number, fax, address, email and working hours.Turkish Airlines is one of the best Airlines and provides its costumers with its most generous baggage allowance & policies. The information about baggage allowance & policies of Turkish Airlines are different for Domestic Flights and International Flights. The baggage allowance information includes Free baggage allowance or checked baggage allowance, Cabin baggage or hand baggage allowance and Excess baggage allowance rates. Here details about Turkish Airlines Cabin baggage (hand baggage allowance) are given, You can find details/info about other baggage topics in our site.

Turkish Airlines Cabin | Hand Baggage Allowance

According to Turkish Airlines Cabin Baggage ( Hand Baggage ) is defined as any baggage of 8 kg and 55x40x23 cm and each passenger is responsible for his/her own cabin/hand baggage. The cabin/hand baggage is carried at passenger cabin free of charge. The details of Turkish Airlines Cabin Baggage are as follows:

Turkish Airlines Free Cabin Baggage Allowance:


Class of Travel Quantity Maximum Weight Dimensions
Business 2 pieces 8 kg (each piece) 55x40x23 cm
Comfort Class 1 piece 8 kg 55x40x23 cm
Economy Class 1 piece 8 kg 55x40x23 cm
Infant Passengers (Aged between 0-2) 1 pieces 8 kg 55x40x23 cm
  • Suit covers (114x60x11 cm) shall be considered as cabin baggage.
  • Duty-free products shall be excluded from the implementation of cabin baggage carriage regulations.
  • Regardless of flight classes and card statuses, the items specified below are considered as “personal items”, and will be carried free of charge, provided to be only one (1) piece.


Personal Items Symbol 
Male/Female purses, Kabin Bagaji
Small video camera or camera, Kabin Bagaji
Bag-type strollers, Kabin Bagaji
Tablet, laptop, Kabin Bagaji
Umbrella (except for those with sharp tip). Kabin Bagaji

The Policies of Turkish Airlines Related to Personal Items are as:

  • In the event that the dimensions and/or weights of personal items reach to the cabin baggage limits, they will be considered as cabin baggage.
  • If the bag-type strollers cannot be placed under the seats or inside the overhead bins and/or they cannot be tied to the seats safely; they will be taken to the cargo deck without claiming any charge.
  • Cabin baggage control is carried out at check-in and/or boarding.
  • In the event that the weight of the cabin baggage exceeds the limits during the weight check, performed as accompanied by the passenger; the passenger is required to pay excess baggage fee for the extra weight (weight of cabin baggage – 8 kg).
  • In the event that the weight of the cabin baggage is appropriate to be considered as cabin baggage, however, the dimension of the same exceeds the limits; then the passenger is required to pay excess baggage fee for the whole weight.
  • Passengers, who have completed online/mobile/kiosk check-in (who have not applied to the check-in counter), will be checked for cabin baggage during the boarding process. Therefore we kindly ask our passengers to present her/his online/mobile/kiosk check-in documents.


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