Baggage-Allowance.jpgSince the arrival of numerous airlines, competition between them and possibility of modern air-travel with new features and services, the intercontinental travel has been increased thousand times since last few years. Due to this fastest way of traveling across the globe everyone wishes to explore the globe and fulfill their needs through air-travel by choosing any airline. Whenever you want to travel via airlines you always worry about basic things like airline rating, fairs, service, baggage policy and keen to acknowledge about them. Baggage policies of airline is one of important thing you should know before choosing it for travel. Baggage allowance and policies vary from airline to airlines and city to city. Many airlines provide generous baggage allowance and policies to their passengers Emirates Airlines is one of them. Information about Baggage allowance and policies of Emirates Airlines is provided here.

Emirates Airlines Baggage Allowance & Policies

Emirates Airlines is one of the best Airlines and provides its costumers with its most generous baggage policies. The information about baggage policies of Emirates Airlines  includes Checked baggage, Cabin baggage, Delayed and damaged baggage, Baggage fairs and Excess baggage rates, Baggage Services in Dubai, Unusual baggage and special allowances. Here the information about Emirates Airlines baggage services provided in Dubai is described.

Emirates Airlines Baggage Services In Dubai

Dubai is the major hub of Emirates Airlines therefore special services are provided in Dubai by Emirates Airlines. The baggage services provided by Emirates Airlines in Dubai are comprised of concierge service, baggage wrapping, left luggage and baggage delivery. The details are as follows:

Concierge service:

Emirates airlines offers you to take advantage of their porters, who can assist you with your bags when checking in at Departures, or with picking up your luggage from the baggage belt and taking it to your vehicle or taxi on arrival.

Look out for porters at the entrance to Emirates Terminal 3 Departures, and after Passport Control at Arrivals.

The concierge service costs AED 25 per regular trolley and AED 75 per flat-bed trolley.

Baggage wrapping:

Emirates airlines provides baggage wrapping service to protect your bags when travelling, use this service available at Departures in Emirates Terminal 3.

For AED 20 per bag, your luggage will be wrapped in strong transparent plastic, helping to keep your bags in pristine condition while in transit.

You can find baggage wrapping machines just before the check-in counters in Departures.

Left Luggage:

If you’ve checked out of your hotel earlier before your flight arrival and you wish to explore the city without weighed down by luggage then you can use this service.

The left luggage facility is in the Arrivals area of Emirates Terminal 3, and can be used by both arriving and departing passengers.

Charges per bag:

Standard bag (maximum dimensions of 21 x 24 x 11 inches): AED 20 per 12 hours.
Non-standard bag (larger than 21 x 24 x 11 inches): AED 25 per 12 hours.
Valuables: AED 25 per 12 hours.

Baggage delivery:

If you wish to enjoy a hassle-free journey and wish your baggage at your doorstep by Emirates Airlines. Then you can avail it when you arrive at Dubai International Airport, Terminal 3.

If you use it the Emirates Baggage Delivery Service will collect your bags from Dubai and will deliver you to anywhere in the UAE. Enjoy it at a nominal cost.

Delivery Area Delivery Rate Number of baggage pieces
Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah AED 200 Up to 4 pieces of baggage
Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah AED 250 Up to 4 pieces of baggage
AED 10 applicable for every additional piece of baggage delivered to any delivery area.